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Black Hills Prospecting Club 
South Dakota 

Our website had 5,752 visitors in 2005
Our website had 7,607 visitors in 2007
Our Website had 5,086 visitors in 2008
Our Website had 6,000 visitors in 2009
Our Website had 5,220 visitors in 2010
Our Website had 7,302 visitors in 2011
Mission Statement

The Black Hills Prospecting Club promotes and teaches responsible mining/prospecting practices and bring together individuals for the advancement and enhancement of prospecting. We will strive to cooperate with educating the youth of the community, local community organizations, State, Federal, and local governing authorities to promote prospecting in an environmentally responsible manner to this end.

Michael Borden
Black Hills Prospecting Club
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new member Aplication
Thank You!!

We thank those members that were able to help with the 
Garnet Bridge work.

It is now safe once again.