Black Hills Prospecting Club 
of South Dakota
This Buddy List is designed for people who want to go out in the hills but have no one to go with, you can just call one of these people! It's that easy.

Members please contact Webmaster for adds/changes/deletes-->
Scott Miller                                                      (605) 490-2696

Bob Van Leuven                                              (605) 673-5473

LuAnn Denke                      (605) 342-0005    (605) 431-2343

Michael Denke                    (605) 342-0005    (605) 787-0567

Ron Seibert                                                      (605) 754-6589

Russ Ochsner                                                  (605) 720-2368

Carl Doaty                                                        (610)-927-7015

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