Black Hills Prospecting Club 
of South Dakota
BHPC Mining Etiquette & Claim Rules

1.No open fires are allowed within the National Forestunless in an approved camping area.

2.Remember to pick up trash / Pack it in  -  Pack it out.

3.No loud noise (i.e. generators/music/tv’s) during thehours of 10pm - 7am

a.  Respect work areas of your fellow prospectors.
b.  Work area shall be defined as a 10-foot radius from the center of the area being worked. 
c.  A work area can be (Reserved ) for up to 48 continuous hours from the time work began. Tools and equipment shall be a marker to show work area is being used. 
d.  Fill in your holes before you leave the claim.
e.  No tunneling / knock down overburden before you leave the claim.
f.  All flammable liquids ( gas ) shall be kept a minimum of 20 feet from the center of creek / stream.
Recreational Miner’s Code of Ethics

I WILL Respect other prospector’s claims or diggings, and will not work those areas without their permission.

I WILL carry with me all necessary permits or claim papers and identification and display when asked.

I WILL be thoughtful, considerate and courteous to those around me at all times.

I WILL practice EXTREME caution when building fires where permitted, and will thoroughly 
   douse any fires built.

I WILL pack out what I pack in, and properly dispose of all trash and debris that I find.

I WILL protect the environment around me while prospecting or metal detecting.

I WILL fill in ALL holes I dig, weather for mining or for metal detecting.
  (Unless it is in an area that is under a different Plan of Operation.)

I WILL leave the area in a better condition than what I found it.

I WILL not prospecting in areas closed to prospecting and mining.

I WILL support and follow the 1872 mining laws.

I WILL actively practice the motto of “ Respectful of the Land and Others ” 
The Black Hills Prospecting Club (BHPC) reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership to anyone at any time.

We've had a recent spate of reports of mountain lions around our activities while members were gold prospecting.  This reminds us that there are all sorts of potential dangers where our club conducts 
prospecting digs, ranging from bee stings and poison ivy to mine shafts, wild animals, and human predators.  
PLEASE remember to keep a close watch on your children at all times.  All of us feel a responsibility for things to go well and safely, but no one can protect your children like you can.  Everyone will feel much better if parents keep their children well within their visual control when we are on club activities.  
We all want our club outings to remain fun and safe.          -  The Club Officers

There are to be NO vehicles over 54 inches wide past the steel posts at the Garnet claim. This access trail is a foot path and for ATV's 54 inches wide and under. 

Also the only material you can remove from any claim is your concentrates.
 DO  NOT  Take dirt home to process !

These are per Forest Service Rules
​NO Exceptions !