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A lot of people have been prospecting on private BHPC claims thinking they are G.P.A.A. Claims. This should clarify what claims belong to each club.

The G.P.A.A. claims in the Black Hills area are :
Migg  -  Mary-Ann  -  Rainbow  -  Husker
You must be a member of the G.P.A.A. to prospect on these claims.
The Private BHPC claims in the Black Hills area are :
The Garnet Area Claims  - Park Placer - BF #1 
You MUST be a  CURRENT  BHPC member
to prospect on these claims.
If You are not a current BHPC member and are caught prospecting on a private BHPC claim you will be arrested for mineral trespass! We have been working close with the Forrest Service, DENR, and local law enforcement to prospect according to the laws. Law enforcement is sent a monthly update of members that are allowed on the claims, if you are not on the list you will be detained and/or arrested. 
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 Whats HOT!!!
Renew Your Memberships

Everyone's membership is from Jan 1st to Dec 31st.
If you would like to renew your membership please send $50 to

Black Hills Prospecting Club
PO Box 386
Black Hwk SD 57718

Please make your check or money order out to Black Hills Prospecting Club
Note:  We do not pro-rate the renew price any more.     
                   It is $50 any time through-out the year.
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Black Hills
Prospecting Club
If you need to contact the BHPC secratary.
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Good Job Members!!!!
The bridge at the Garnet is fixed.
Thank You 
to the members that did the repairs.